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PostPrincess Mononoke
26/03/08, 12:00 am

Princess Mononoke DVDRip [Eng Dubs]

Story Takes Place In Japan During The Muromachi Period, Which Is
Considered To Be The Transition Period Between The Medieval Period
& The Early Modern Period. It Is Notable That The Power Of The
Shoguns Greatly Declined In This Period. The Landscapes Which Appear In
Princess Mononoke Are Said To Have Been Inspired By The Ancient Forests
Of Yakushima, Off Kyushu, & The Mountains Of Shirakami-Sanchi In
Northern Honshu.
Ashitaka Comes From A Tribe Called The Emishi,
Which Used To Be Natives Of Northern Honshu, That Had Been Resisting
Subjugation By The Japanese Emperor For Centuries. However, The Emishi
Were Defeated By The Samurai Of The Yamato Clan, Which Proceeded To
Become The Rulers & Government Of The Empire. The Emishi Thus Went
Into Hiding, Around The Northeast Part Of Honshu, Japan's Largest
Island. By A.D. 1300, The Emishi Were Completely Integrated Into
Japanese Society. However, Ashitaka Supposedly Comes From A Tribe Of
The Emishi That Had Resisted Integration & Still Lived In Exile.

Plot Synopsis

Mononoke Follows The Journey Of The Last Emishi Prince, Ashitaka, &
His Attempts To Make Peace Between The Human Settlement, Irontown,
& The Creatures Living In The Surrounding Forest.
The Film
Begins With Ashitaka Saving His Village From An Assault By Killing The
Demon Form Of The Boar God Nago. During The Fight, Ashitaka Receives A
Demon Mark On His Right Arm, & He Is Cursed By The Boar God's
Hatred & Pain. Ashitaka Is Told That The Mark Will Spread
Throughout His Body, Killing Him. A Ball Of Iron Is Found Inside Nago's
Corpse, Which Is Somehow Connected To The Curse. Ashitaka Resolves To
Journey To Nago's Origin, The Lands To The West, To Try & Find A
Cure For His Curse. He Cuts His Hair, Signifying His Permanent
Departure From His Village,[7] & Rides Out With His Steed Yakul,
His Loyal Red Elk. Since It Was Considered Taboo To See Off One Who Is
Banished, Only One Person Dared To Say Goodbye To Ashitaka: His 'Little
Sister,' Kaya (According To Miyazaki, Actually His Bride-To-Be; Calling
Herself His 'Little Sister' Was A Term Of Affection), Who Gives Him Her
Crystal Dagger So That He Would Not Forget Her.
Having Traveled
Some Distance, Ashitaka Arrives In A Forest Full Of Animal Gods,
Including The Wolf God Moro. Also In The Forest Is The Forest Spirit,
Described As A "God Of Life & Death", Which Takes The Form Of A
Deer During The Day & A "Night-Walker" At Night. The Forest Lays
Beside A Human Settlement Called Irontown, A Settlement Which Clears
The Forest To Get To More Iron Ore, Causing Many Battles As The Animals
Attempt To Protect Their Forest. It Was During One Of These Battles
That Irontown's Leader, Lady Eboshi Gozen, Shot Nago.
During The
Film Ashitaka Travels Between The Forest & Irontown Several Times,
Trying To Make Peace. During Ashitaka's First Visit, The Village Is
Attacked By San, A Human Girl Who Has Been Adopted By The Wolves.
Ashitaka Intervenes To Stop The Two Sides Fighting & Takes San Back
To The Forest, But Is Injured In The Process. With San's Intervention,
He Is Healed Of His Wounds — But Not His Curse — By The Forest Spirit.
Under The Influence Of Jigo, Eboshi Sets Out To Destroy The Forest
Spirit. The Head Of The Forest Spirit Is Believed To Grant Immortality;
Jigo Plans To Give The Head To The Emperor; In Return The Emperor
Promises To Give Irontown Legal Protection Against The Envious Daimyos
Coveting The Town's Prosperity.
Despite Ashitaka's Efforts, Eboshi
Succeeds In Cutting Off The Forest Spirit's Head While It Is
Transforming. Jigo Collects The Head While The Body Is Transformed Into
A God Of Death, Which Covers The Land In A Lethal Black Ooze,
Completely Destroying The Forest & Turning The Land Barren. To Stop
The Ooze From Reaching The Villagers, Ashitaka & San Take The Head
From Jigo. By Returning The Head To The Forest Spirit, The Land Becomes
Green Again & Ashitaka's Curse Is Finally Lifted.

Valid: AVI
Duration: 02:13:23
File Size: 674 MB.
Movie Complete: Yes

Resolution: 512x288
Codec: DivX 3 (Low Motion)
FPS: 23.98
BitRate: 579 Kbps
Quality Factor: 0.17 B/Px

Codec: MPEG 1 or 2 Audio Layer 3 (MP3)
Channels: 2
Sample Rate: 44100 Hz
BitRate: 128 Kbps

RAR Password: boogie

davno sam gledao film ... i bio mi je bas cool ... moram da ga skinem i odgledam ponovo Very Happy




PostRe: Princess Mononoke
26/03/08, 12:57 am

sad kad sam video ovo deluje mi jako poznato...kao da sam mozda gledao...verovatno kad bih odgledao insert iz filma da bih se setio jelam li ili nisam gledao...


..:: METAL SRBIJA ::..


PostRe: Princess Mononoke
26/03/08, 10:31 am

Potrazi po youtube-u, pa odluci da li si ili nisi Smile

Meni je bas gotivan ova crtani, mada generalno bas i ne volim manga crtace.


..:: METAL SRBIJA Underground ::..METAL SRBIJA


PostRe: Princess Mononoke
12/04/08, 03:25 pm

evo sub za film....

film je na engleskom .... traje 2 sata i 13 minuta i gledao sam ga 3 puta koliko je dobar !!! xD



PostRe: Princess Mononoke
22/09/09, 12:35 am

Jedini manga crtani film koji mi se bas,bas svidja...remek delo Exclamation




PostRe: Princess Mononoke
22/09/09, 01:10 am

Manga je vrsta stripa...japanskog stripa...

seeker,verovatno si mislio/la na anime- animirani japanski film najcheshce radjen po mangi...ali ne uvek Smile


The Keeper Of Elder Scrolls


PostRe: Princess Mononoke
22/09/09, 12:25 pm

Film je zaista kvalitetan, gledao sam ga bar 5-6. Jedno vreme su ga stalno pustali na televiziji Leskovac.



PostRe: Princess Mononoke
22/09/09, 02:05 pm

Da,tacno,pomesao sam...I sam posedujem nekoliko manga izdanja(posto sakupljam stripove),mada nisu mi nesto posebno...Najvise volim Italijansku(Zagor,Alan Ford,Ken Parker,Storia Del West) i Spansku(Torpedo 1936) skolu...Mada tu se jos izdvaja i cuveni Hal Foster i njegov Princ Valijant...

Al' spamujem Razz

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PostRe: Princess Mononoke

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